Adobe Lightroom Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

Lightroom is quite important in a photographer’s life. This is what brings your photo to life. It is also easy to use and quite a powerful tool. But there is more you can do with your lightroom than what you think. You can make it even easier to use and also add a different twist to your editing with the help of plugins.

Adobe lightroom plugins allow you to extend lightroom’s capabilities. This post will highlight some of the top plugins for the lightroom that will make your life easier when using Adobe.


If you want to save time editing your photos, you will need to batch edit them. The easiest way to batch edit images you created with time-lapse videos using your camera’s intervalometer is by using LRTimelapse.


This plugin makes time-lapse videos easy. You can choose form the paid-for or the free version. But what makes it quite outstanding is how it integrates with lightroom. When you integrate this plugin with lightroom, you will be able to create a few keyframes you will edit in lightroom before you export them back into LRTimelapse.

This plugin then uses the edited keyframes to seamlessly and automatically edit the other time-lapse photos to a video that will transition gradually and smoothly from your first frame to the last one.

LR Backup

LR Backup plugin is specifically created to back up your lightroom catalog. But other than that, you will also love the extra features it has that’s better than standard backup tools.

Backing up your catalog is important since this is where all the edits you have made on the image go. You shouldn’t be comfortable with the backups of your RAW files if you haven’t also backed up your lightroom catalog. If you fail to backup your lightroom, all editing you had applied will be lost. But this plugin helps you save every edit you make.

The Fader

This is one of the most common type pf plugin considering that it is advantageous when using presets. This controls all the different tools within lightroom since it works as a master slider.


Using this plugin is quite straightforward. If for instance you are working on an edit and you still haven’t applied a preset, you just need to create a new preset using your image then adjust it from there. In order to create a new preset, you can either click a filter tool or the brush tool then select “Save Current Settings as New Preset” from the drop-down menu.

Focus Mask

This is one of the simplest plugins in this list you should consider using. This works just like focus masking or focus peaking on your camera.

Therefore, it only does one thing and does it perfectly; it highlights the parts of an image in focus. So photographers will have the chance to choose between two or more similar photos at a glance. If you are the type of a photographer who takes multiple photos to get the best shot, Focus Mask will help you pick one that will be loved by many.