Best Marathon in US

Research has shown that in the past half a decade, marathon participation has increased by an approximated 10%. This means more people show up for these marathons every year. However, some marathons will be more popular than others. That popularity may be based on a couple of factors ranging from the location to the reason behind the marathon. In the United States specifically, some marathon races have proved to be the best across the nation.

These are the marathons which have been vouched for as the best marathons in the United States. They are almost a must attend for most people.

Walt Disney World Marathon

Prepared at the beginning of the year, the Walt Disney World Marathon is a great way to kick starts the New Year. The marathon celebrated its 21st anniversary this year.


The most fantastic thing about the Disney World Marathon is the course itself. This fantasy-filled track covers all the four Disney World theme parks. These parks are the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Twin Cities Marathon

The Twin Cities Marathon has been popularly referred to as the most beautiful urban marathon in the United States of America; which is arguably true. The marathon can be termed as a fantastic trip between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The course goes through the many parks in the twin cities; marathoners always cross large patches of green space detailed in flat colours. The finishing of the Twin Cities marathon at St Paul is one of the best across the nation.

Boston Marathon

Speaking of great marathons in the US without mentioning the Boston Marathon would be a disgrace. Boston is arguably one of the annual marathons that have stayed longest in the game.


In fact, it is safe to say that other marathons use the Boston Marathon to measure themselves. Even though the marathon is sometimes a bit expensive, the participants have termed it as very close to their hearts.

New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is arguably the most iconic running experience across all the states. As far as ranking goes, it would be ranked alongside the Boston marathon. The marathon’s course starts from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, through all the five boroughs and ends at the central park.

The number of the spectators supporting the marathoners is just overwhelming in numbers. The sheer number of individuals interested in the marathon makes it hard to secure an entry.

The Seven Bridges Marathon

Chattanooga has been nicknamed the Scenic city. This is something that the Seven Bridges Marathon seems to prove. The Seven Bridges Marathon has grown steadily over the years.

The 26.2 miles course offers some river crossing over the Tennessee River. The total number of bridges crossed being seven give this marathon its name.

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago marathon celebrated its 41st anniversary this year. The marathon is characterised by a flat course that attracts runners from across the globe. The marathon is a fun tour through Chicago’s diverse neighbourhoods. With over 45,000 participants, the marathon starts at Grant Park and ends at the same place. The Chicago Marathon is logistically easy making it easier for foreigners.