Cause of The Nerve Pain

If the nerves are working correctly, they send information to the brain when pain occurs and the brain responds by sending a relieving feeling to the point of pain occurrence. For those who suffer the nerve pain, their messaging system has been corrupted; thus, the brain receives a pain signal then you will feel pain, but there is no cause of the pain.

Things that make the nerves behave in this manner include;
• Treatment of cancer and other tumors which may lead to damage of the nerves thus causing pain
• HIV can cause nerve pains and the antiviral drugs as well can damage the nerves.
• High level of glucose in the blood of an individual has been known to injure the nerves.
• Shingles may also cause pain that is severe and sudden.
• Injury to the spinal; cord can also be a cause of most unknown causes of neural pain.
• Stroke or trauma may cause damage to the nerves;
• Other like metabolic syndromes like abnormal cholesterol levels and obesity and chronic inflammatory conditions
• Alcohol and many more.

Signs that you may have nerve damage

If you are experiencing numbness, tingling or burning effects from your hands to the arms or feet to the legs you may be a victim.

Having difficulty in moving some parts of your body, it may be an indication of stroke which needs urgent treatment.

Cause of The Nerve PainIf you are experiencing constant clumsier than usual; this usually means that the nerve sensation is damaged and thus lack of body coordination.

If you feel to go to the bathroom more time than usual and when you are there you hardly excrete anything. It means the nerves are sending default messages to your bladder.

You are having headaches that feel like electrical shocks. It happens when a nerve in your neck gets pinched.

You get injured because you did not perceive danger, an example of having a burn or touching something hot. It shows that something is not working as it should alert the brain of the surface danger.
Effects of nerve damage

It may cause difficulty for an affected individual to sleep at night.
May cause someone to lack the balance of hands like when holding something or playing musical instruments.

The inability to sense to injuries or the loss of the sense of feeling; thus causing numbness in most body parts


nerve-painThere are many causes of the nerve pain; therefore, you will need a doctor’s assistance who may recommend different diagnosis tests like neurological examination, CT scan, nerve conduction studies, biopsy and others.

Prevention/ natural treatment of nerve pain
• It is essential that you first discuss with your doctor these supplements to prevent interference.
• You may consider acupuncture and massage.
• A dietary supplement like vitamin E
• Regular body exercises will help to nourish damaged nerves.
• Quit smoking and too much alcohol.