How Do You Know If You Can Grow A Beard?

Growing a beard has become trendy once again, and men everywhere are doing whatever it takes to spot one. The interest in beard growth is so appealing that sometimes it comes as a shocking surprise for some men when they realize they can’t grow a beard.

So how exactly can one tell if they have what it takes to grow a beard? There aren’t many websites out there that with this information but you can hop over to this website link to find out.


The most important thing to consider if you are wondering whether you can grow a beard or not is your genetics. You family lineage from starting from your parents and going further back. You can also take a look at your other closest male family members; the chances are that you are likely to grow a beard if it runs in the family.


This goes without saying that the chances of growing a beard when none of your male family members have one are quite slim.

Hairs in other regions

Sometimes hair may grow in other areas of the body but fail to grow on your face. The reason for this could be a wide range of factors such as range stress, diet, smoking, or even hygiene. Most of these factors can easily be fixed if you are committed.

A few hairs during puberty

Another sure way of knowing whether you can grow a beard is during adolescence. Some boys often grow a few stray hairs around the chin or cheeks while others don’t. This is one of the most reassuring signs that one can grow a beard.


To conclude, the ability to grow a beard is one of the most stressful endeavors many men try to deal with today. Knowing whether you can or cannot grow a beard means a lot for men who desire beards.