How Much Does It Cost To Get A Full Mouth Of Dental Implants

How much does it cost to get full mouth dental implants?

Dental grafts have become the order of the day these days, but for the right course. Not only do the implanted teeth function and look the same as our real teeth, but they also last a lifetime too. So, if your tooth is beyond repair or if you’ve got an ailment that has made you lose all your teeth, the dentist will most probably recommend an implant to reinstate that beautiful smile. But how much does a full mouth dental implant cost?

First things first: the cost is not the same everywhere.


Several factors play a role in the determination of the cost of an implant. These factors include the level of expertise of the dentist. The location of the hospital or clinic also will impact the on the cost. The materials used during the implant, and the things that will be done before the tooth is transplanted, for example, the extraction of a decayed tooth.

What to expect in general.

The cost of getting a single tooth replaced ranges between $1000to $3000. It all doesn’t end at that, adding the crown and abutment will cost you another $500 to $3000.

All costs summed up will be at least fifteen hundred dollars for a single tooth. So, how much will it cost to replace a whole set of thirty-two teeth on average? The overall price of full teeth dental implants range from thirty to seventy thousand dollars.

What’s the logic behind high pricing?


Dental implantation is a surgical procedure. It’s, therefore, advisable to go for a dentist who has the skills and expertise to get it done right. To top it all, teeth implantation is not a one-time procedure. Expect to be in constant contact with your dentist until the whole process is complete.