How To Choose The Right Running Socks

Socks are available everywhere, but not all socks are made for runners. As an athlete or a workout freak, you will need comfortable socks that will protect your feet from injuries and inflammations. The running socks come in different sizes, thickness, and shape.

Below are factors that you should consider when choosing the right running socks.

Consider the material of the Socks

Most running socks are made of polyester, acrylic, cool max, or cotton material. The cotton socks may be the most common, but they are not great for running. Cotton socks retain water or sweat. The wet socks are not comfortable for running long distances, especially during the winter. To avoid having blisters and a breeding hub for bacteria, say no to cotton socks.

Choose the right size


While running, you need to wear perfect fit socks. Avoid socks that are too small or too large for your feet. The best size of running socks should be the one that does not irritate your skin, nor does it leave imprints. Choose a pair of socks that fits perfectly around your heel and under the arch of your foot. The heel portion should land perfectly on the heel without having to stretch.

Consider the Height of the socks

Fashion tastes and preferences change from one individual to the other. Some prefer long socks, while other runners prefer the shortest socks available.

Depending on your preference, you may choose from the knee-length socks, anklets, crew length socks, or socklets. Consider the weather, training intensity, and your comfort while choosing the length of socks.

Consider the thickness of its fabric

Running socks are available in different densities. The different levels of padding of the socks provide different amounts of comfort which you need while running. Thick socks have extra padding in the heel and toes to provide more cushioning comfort to the feet. The think socks are good for tight shoes but may not protect your feet from blistering. The running socks that you see on amazon are available in different thickness sizes.

Compressional qualities


Compressional socks are recommended since they help to speed up recovery while improving performance. The compressional socks use gradual compression to improve blood flow to the muscles hence reducing fatigue of the muscles during the workout.

Compressional socks are great for reducing muscle inflammation. Ensure that the socks fit perfectly and comfortably.

Fashion tastes and preferences govern our choices. Your physical fitness is important, and you should employ the tricks listed above to get the best running socks. The best solution is to have a collection of socks from which you can choose from.