How to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Food

Besides pets and kids, food photos dominate Facebook, Instagram and other social media and this clearly shows that the number of people photographing delicious meals is bigger than those who like eating. At times we tend to ask ourselves, how do people manage to take the snapshots of most scrumptious foods they’re about to consume?

Well, capturing the textures, the smells, the tastes, the colors of food is an art by itself and because it isn’t rocket science, you can learn with just a few tips. Wondering how?

Relax and keep scrolling as we tell you how you can leave your friends of social media salivating on your food photos.

1. Use window light

If you’ve been wondering how social media photos look real and perfect, the secret is the use of natural lighting. Whether in a restaurant or serving dinner/lunch at home, natural light makes your food photos look amazing as it minimizes harsh shadows and at the same time gives you food airy quality.


Therefore, ensure that all the indoor lights are turned off to avoid giving your food a yellow cast, and take the best shot and let your friends see what you’re about to consume. If the weather lets you down, use artificial light such as Speedlight or studio lighting.

2. Shoot from different angles

Different foods look great from different angles and if you want yours to look great, try shooting from different angles depending on what you want to emphasize.

If for instance, you’re interested in photographing a sandwich, cut it in half and shoot from the side and show the juiciness and texture of the beef. Pizzas will look great when shot from above. Therefore, experiment which angle will present the food as you want and then take the shot.

3. Add pops of color

It goes without saying that most foods we like eating are bland and when you think of bread, fish, chicken, or even pasta, you’ll agree with me.


When you take a picture as they are, they might not look great or portray the message you want. However, you can make the food eye-catching by adding colorful elements such as bright plates, garnishes, glassware, and even napkins.

4. Remove distractions

When people are looking at your food photos, they admire whatever you’ve put in your plate and don’t pay much attention to your background.

But what if the background looks more pleasing than the food? Well, all their focus will be on the background and not what you intend them to see. Therefore, opt for a clean and uncluttered composition as it will make your food stand out. Before even making that shot, remove any distracting background elements.

5. Add a human element

Regardless of how great your dish is, if it sits on a table is basically lifeless. If you want to make it stand out, bring it to life by adding a human element.


For instance, you can ask your friend to help you out, to cut the steak so that the camera will capture the pink interior, or cut the cake so people will see how yummy it is. In addition, when people see a hand pouring a cocktail, they start salivating and say how great it looks.

Final thoughts

Many people are in the social media platforms and like sharing what they eat with others. Without a doubt, food photos are very dominating and there’s no single day will pass without someone sharing what they’re about to eat.

To engage their friends, some people tell others to rate their food and if you want yours to be exceptional, learn to apply the above tips and you’ll have a wonderful experience.