What is Charge Capture Software and Why You Need One

In this era of increased demand for physicians and other EXECUTIVE healthcare providers, the capture of relevant information is often overlooked. This part of the revenue cycle process collects information such as the types of services provided, the appropriate codes of these services, physician notes, and the insurance details. Every second count when one is working in a hospital or clinic. In most hospitals, doctors and nurses waste a lot of time capturing this information manually.

For example, if a patient in the operating room needs a particular medication, the nurse has to leave the room, get the medicine from the cabinet and then go back to the OR to administer the drug. In such a chaotic environment, it becomes difficult to get the accurate billings of the medicines and to document them.

Charge Capture Software

The modern technology has however introduced a better method of capturing any critical information in the hospital setting, referred to as charge capture software. With good capture software, there is the automation of the medication supply which means that it is possible to avoid making errors such as improper coding and missed charges. These errors can lead to loss of revenue for the specialist. The following are the main reasons why healthcare providers need the charge capture software.

To identify outdated medication

As mentioned before, the charge capture system automates the process of medication dispensing. Through this, hospitals can notice the drugs that are outdated. The system sends the organization monthly reports indicating the medications that are almost expiring.

This means that the hospital organization can avoid the wastage of these medicines by reallocating them to other places in the hospital where the particular drugs are used more often.

Preventing overspending due to drugs shortages

Another reason why every hospital needs a charge capture system is to avoid spending too much money on drug shortages. Medication shortages can be a severe problem in every hospital. Using an automated system helps the hospital management to know the medications that are back-ordered.


They are also able to reallocate the drugs they have at hand to the hospital units that need them urgently. Hospitals that do not have this system end up with a variety of medicines on the shelves in the departments that do not need them. With the automatic system, it becomes possible to tell the number of drugs used every day, week or month and the amount required to sustain each department. As a result, the hospital avoids buying additional medicines that are not necessary or even buying expensive ones due to medication shortage.

Reducing staff-hours

Without an automatic system, manual processes have to take place to put the charges in. There is a possibility of inputting the wrong medication information. The good thing about the system is that the medication barcode is scanned and the information is put in automatically. The patients are also required to pay for the medication immediately as the pharmacy is alerted on the drugs that need to be refilled. The entire process reduces the time and potential for errors.

Increasing the efficiency of the workflow

Allapps-home-newThe automated system ensures that the departments have medication on-hand. It means that the medicine is available even when it is required during a busy day or the late hours. There will be no need to stop any activities to send someone to retrieve the medication from the pharmacy or somewhere else. Hospitals that have the capture system send orders to the pharmacy, and the medicines can be taken to the respective department once the orders are approved.

Improvement of safety and security

Another reason why every hospital needs a capture system is the safety and security it offers. The medication cannot be misused since it is automatically inventoried which makes it easier to track. The above are some of the services that this automatic system offers and why every hospital needs it. Physicians who want to spend more time taking care of their patients than worrying about the financial and administrative functions should use this system.