What Is Difference Between Urgent Care And Er?

At some point in life, most of us have suffered some serious health condition. The experience becomes tragic when you cannot tell where to get the best health care for your condition. When some conditions might be requiring urgent medical attention, others require you to get taken to the emergency room (ER). Many people have a notion that all their health issue can get tended to in the emergency room. Life-threatening conditions such as broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, anaphylaxis, gunshot wounds, suicidal attempts, and severe wound and amputations warrant emergency care.

However, for non-life-threatening conditions, such as minor headaches, back pain, fever, small cuts, minor fractures, and x-ray, you should visit an urgent care facility.

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Major Differences Between Urgent Care And ER

Urgent Care Facility

1. It is recommended for the non-life-threatening conditions.

Such conditions don’t need you to see the doctor immediately. Instead, you must plan for the visit. The main reason for the visit is to establish the diagnosis.


2. You receive proper treatment in the urgent care unit

An urgent care facility is an established care unit comprising of doctors, nurses and their assistants. Proper health and quality health care get provided ranging from diagnosis to prescriptions.

3. Does not provide 24/7 services

The facilities have limited working hours. Hence the services might be limited to the day. However, for some reasons, they may offer some extra hours for their patients.

4. Time and Cost Effective

Here the charges are pocket-friendly. Patient attendance is based on first come first served. Hence, you will save your time and money once you avail yourself early.

Emergency Room Care

1. It is for life-threatening conditions

This is conditions that warrant immediate attention. If one is not attended to, one may lose his life or that of a loved one. Such instances may include; head trauma, chest pains, severe bleeding and breathing difficulties.

2. Avails 24/7 service


The service providers are available even for late-night emergencies.

3. Expensive

The services are much costly unlike in the urgent care facility. The charges are almost four times costly.

4. Longer waiting time

Patient attendance is based on how threatening the condition is. Care and treatment get channeled first to patients who are severely injured to the least injured.

With the points above, the benefits of visiting an urgent care facility outweigh those of an emergency room. The urgent care system is convenient when it comes to minor health issues. Hence, if your situation is not severe, it will be a waste of time and resources to go to an ER. Also, if you are on health insurance, you will only get charged less since your health insurance will suffice most of the bill. However, you cannot disregard your health needs based on the cost. If you can’t stand the illness, it can only get better in the emergency room.