What Is Typical Cost For Water Damage Restoration

How much does water restoration cost? Well, when you have water damage at your property is hard to negotiate a ballpark price over the phone or the internet; therefore, you need t call a technician to look at the damage to estimate the cost. Since the price may vary according to the size of the damage.

The factors that affect the cost of water damage restoration austin tx costs are

The type of water damage

Water Damage

Is it black, gray, or clean water that has damaged your property if it is black water it may be more expensive since it is likely to be toxic and can even infect the technicians and need to be handled with a lot of care. Gray water may also be expensive since it contains chemicals.

Type of damage

Which part of your property has been damaged? Is it a large area or a small area or several parts of the property which may not be necessarily linked together. Which property was affected is its furniture or walls.


What kind of material would be required to restore damaged property to the right condition? If wood or walls are destroyed, they will need either plastering or changing the drywall that was affected. Wood may require timber and also carpentry work



The type of equipment to be used will also affect the cost os water damage restoration. The equipment used will also depend on the kind of water damage mentioned above.

Most companies’ charges are per square foot depending on the water damage removal: black, grey, or clean.

Clean water restoration and cleanup begin as low as $3.75 for square feet, and the water, the price range $5.00 for as feet. And finally for black water removal type, the price is $7 for square feet.

Repairing damage on plaster walls – the price will range $107-$325 for a 4-foot area or $6.25 – $18.75/sq.ft